Activate your audience

Empower your consumers and fans to help you get the word out

Activate your audience

Publish through consumers

Consumers and fans become your marketing team

Activatr creates digital transactions that allow a creator, business or a brand to capture a commitment to share content, from a fan or consumer in the future, in exchange for a reward. Activatr saves the commitment and posts to their timeline and feed, on the date you selected.

Multi-channel Campaigns

In an environment where consumers look at social media for recommendations or ask their friends, before buying, you must be everywhere. Activatr lets you create campaigns using both social media and email, giving consumers the choice of how to support your campaign.

Insights and Analytics

Activatr gives you access to campaign data and insights on individuals who join your campaign, plus how your social media content and emails are performing among your campaign supporters' networks. You can also view information on audiences your consumers are connected to.

Auto Fulfillment

Activatr saves you time and money by automatically fulfilling all digital rewards and even retrieves shipping addresses in the event your rewards are physical.

Reach new audiences

Consumers look to their peers for recommendations

A recommendation from a trusted source is more powerful than any other form of advertising. We help you amplify your reach and exposure by leveraging your consumers' personal networks. This results in organic and quality leads, higher conversions, and measurable business impact.

Increase engagement

Engage and activate consumers and fans at scale

Activatr makes it easy to engage your consumers and fans, while rewarding them for promoting your content

Increase sales

Generate sales from supporters and new consumers

Whether supporters redeem the rewards at your store or on your website, or new consumers try you out based on their friend's recommendations through Activatr, you will see a sales lift after your campaign.

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